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As a professional audio-visual translator, I can adapt your English or German texts, videos, or documents, with the guarantee that the end result will be ideally adapted for a French-speaking target audience.


I offer three types of services:

Translation – Subtitling – Editing & Quality Control


Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your project so we can formulate a quote.



I offer translation services in the following language combinations:

English > French

German > French


I translate all kinds of texts: documents, articles, press kits, DVD booklets, and more

My area of expertise is audio-visual translation, and I can adapt your clips, fictional works, documentaries, television series or operas into French. I can also provide time-coded scripts for voice-over dubs to be used in news reports.

My favourite subject areas to work in are music, fine art, cinema, the environment, and current affairs, but I also take time to familiarise myself with other topics.



Do your audio-visual projects need subtitling? I am able to carry out all the steps in the subtitling process, adapting your project to the format or broadcast media you require.


Whether it’s for television, cinema, Internet, on-demand video or DVD, I offer the following services:

- Time-coding

- Translation

- Transcription

- Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (SDH)

- Adaptation for Bilingual Subtitles

- Subtitles for Opera


I use EZTitles subtitling software, and I am able to work with a wide range of video formats, as well as provide subtitles in your desired format (.srt, .stl, .ezt, .rtf, .doc, .sub)

Editing & Quality Control


Do you want the end stages of your project to go off without a hitch? I offer editing services for your French texts and quality control for your subtitles.


To add the finishing touches to your linguistic and audio-visual projects, I can re-read your French texts, paying particular attention to grammar, spelling, and syntax, while keeping your target audience in mind at all times. I can also check any translations from English and German into French. Finally, I am able to carry out linguistic and technical quality tests for your subtitle files, so that they are perfectly in-sync with the image: re-timing, adhering to shot changes and reading speed limits.


Editing and Quality Control are essential steps for your multilingual projects and I would be happy to ensure their success.

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